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A man claiming to be an alien turns himself in to the US secret service for interrogation. Insisting that he will only be interviewed by Amanda Bella, a beautiful tv talk show host, he tells his version of Earth's history. He seems to have amazing powers and clearly knows more then he's letting on, but is he truly an extra-terrestrial, and if so why turn himself in to the federal government?  What does he want with Amanda Bella? Who or what is Zhon?

Join us for this quirky, funny, suspenseful, action packed sci fi dramedy series right here at www.whoiszhon.com.

Check out the series trailer here:

New episodes post every Friday.

Make sure to click around our site to enjoy the very cool things we've put together for you.

  • Cast and Crew Pages: Make sure to visit our cast and crew pages to get to learn more about the awesome people who worked on this series and find out how to see more of their work.
  • Episodes Page: Missed an episode?  No worries, Just go to the episodes page where we've organized the entire series for you for easy viewing. Share the link to individual episodes with your friends r just send them to www,whoiszhon.com and let them discover all of the cool stuff on this site for themselves. 
  • Favorite Filmakers: Visit our filmmakers site to meet some great filmmakers from all over the world who you may not have heard of yet, but you will soon.
  • Production Partners: Visit our production partners page to meet some great companies and other organizations who made this show possible by providing us with a resource or with financial sponsorship. These are companies with the vision to see how important this show could be. Please show them some Love.
  • The Music: Everyone LOVES the amazing music in “Zhon: the Alien Interviews”.  Check out our guest musicians on the Music page and discover some of the best of independent music from across the united states. You won't believe how good these guys are!! You'll kick yourself if you miss them. You might even find one of our guest musicians near you so you can seem them in concert. Too cool!!
  • Store: Check out the Zhon Store for some awesome Zhon based merchandise. Tell the world that you are a Zhonster by wearing a Zhon t-shirt, drinking from a Zhon mug or covering your laptop or Ipad with a Zhon protective cover or skin. Yo can even cover your rear with some stylish “Zhonderwear”. Lot's of cool stuff.  Check it out and send us a photo with your favorite piece of Zhon merchandise at info@robericmedia.com for a chance to be featured on our page and win a prize.
  • News:  Check in on the latest Zhon News on the News page. See who's written a story on Zhon and find out the latest buzz on the series. We might even be coming to a convention near you soon.
  • Ask Zhon:  NEED MORE ZHON IN YOUR LIFE????!!!??  Relax already. We've got you covered. Zhon is here to answer your questions about life, history and ketchup. Visit our Ask Zhon Page for Zhon's video answers.
  • Zhonsters: What’s a Zhonster you ask?  Why a Zhonster is a true fan of “Zhon: The Alien Interviews”. Join our fan club for free by clicking on “Zhonsters” to become eligible for special Zhonsters only events, contests and prizes and special advanced updates. ONLY Zhonsters can send questions to Zhon that may be featured in an ask Zhon segment. Don't miss out!
  • Supported Charities: We believe in giving back as much as we can.  Check out the various charities we support through the show and remember. A portion of your purchases in the Zhon store will go to our supported charities.


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