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About Us

During a 12 hour drive to and from Tucson, Arizona to Yuma, California and back for a film shoot, actor and fight choreographer Robert Linden and actor Eric Schumacher began a conversation that would ultimately lead to the formation of RobEric Media, LLC.

Months of brainstorming led eventually to the concept for the show.

Zhon: The Alien Interviews is a grand experiment. Produced 100% locally in Arizona with 100% local cast and crew and 100% self-funded, this series is the result of the dedication, blood, sweat, and tears of a group of excellent filmmakers in Arizona who believed strongly that they could do something thought to be impossible. The breadth and scope of this series is far beyond what most would attempt, considering the resources and budget available to them.

Undeterred, the team decided that excellent planning and an insane amount of hard work and dedication could make up for their lack of budget.

After three years of insanely hard work, and with the support of some wonderful businesses and other organizations who shared our vision, we are proud to present this series for your entertainment.

Our desire with this series is to do as much good as possible through our film work. We support a number of different nonprofits through the series and seek to bring to light the work of a number of great artists of all kinds from Arizona and from across the world.

Most of all however, it is our desire to to provide this series to you, the viewer. We are fans ourselves and have created a series that we wanted to see. We have worked very hard to create strong characters, interesting storylines, and high quality material that at the end of the day we just plain enjoy. After all that's what we do, we are entertainers. We hope you love the show much as we do and we are honored to present it to you, our dear viewers. We look forward to sharing many more projects with you in the future through our various producing partners.

We thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey and ask you to support our show by watching it of course, by telling others about the series and sharing links to the show with others, by clicking on our affiliate or sponsor links, and by visiting our extremely awesome Zhon store and checking out the plethora of very cool merchandise we have spent months creating with you in mind. It is by your patronage alone in these ways that we can continue to provide this amazing show to you and to reward our awesome cast and crew and guest artists with the recognition they deserve.

Again our dear viewers and friends, we thank you.

God bless,

Eric and Rob and the rest of the "Zhonsters"



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