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Alan Williams: Co-Director

Award winning director Alan Williams spent much of his childhood growing up in the northwest area of Tucson. After attending high school in Phoenix, he returned to the city of his youth and entered college at the University of Arizona to study film production, obtaining his degree in 1993. After college, he was determined to make it as a film director in Tucson where he felt there was tremendous potential for independent film production. He knew that if members of the local film community pooled their resources and talents, together, they could make a vibrant independent film industry. He spent the next years networking, building relationships and moving closer to constructing that foundation. In that spirit, his efforts would lead to the formation of Organized Chaos Productions, LLC (http://organizedchaosproductions.com/) as an outlet for his short films, music videos and other media ventures.

Over time, he has garnered several awards on the festival circuit including Best Original Screenplay at the 2007 Peoria Film Festival for his script The Sapien Index, The Accolade award in 2009 for his short film The Human Condition and Best of Arizona at the 2011 Arizona International Film festival for his feature film documentary The Avenue, to name a recent few. One of the more well known and established film directors in southern Arizona, Alan is often sought for insight on the film industry by local media.

In early 2010 excited by the unique plan for this series Alan was recruited by Eric Schumacher and Robert Linden to co direct "Zhon: The Alien Interviews"

In 2010, Alan was elected Vice President of the Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona (www.filmarizona.org) and worked to significantly increase the group’s visibility through the local media, saw the membership triple and enhanced the group’s reputation as a professional organization. During his days at the University of Arizona, Alan also began working in emergency services and quickly discovered he had a passion and a talent for public safety. Serving the Tucson community for almost 20 years now, he continues to work as a firefighter and paramedic in a Captain’s position for a local fire department. In fact, his experiences as a paramedic would culminate in his latest project under development entitled Zero Saved.

It was during the early development stages of Zero Saved that the seeds of Picture Arizona, LLC (www.picarizona.com) were initially planted in an economic development initiative founded on the principles of collaboration and partnership with the southern Arizona film, business and investment community to build and sustain a thriving independent film industry.

More info on Alan’s previous film projects is available here (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0929983/) and his director’s reel can be viewed here: (http://vimeo.com/25564258).





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