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Bill Ackerley: Videographer

William Ackerley served as the chief videographer for the behind the scenes footage of “Zhon, The Alien Interviews.”  Ackerley was also the art director for the series website working hand-in-hand with Kaleb Badger, Robert Linden, Jeremy Lefevre and Eric Schumacher in designing the site.

Ackerley has over 40 years experience as an adman and radio broadcaster and is currently the production manager at Ackerley Advertising in Tucson. http://ackerleyadvertising.com/

Ackerley graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona with a major in Radio and Television. His studies included an emphasis on creative writing, journalism and filmmaking.

After graduating Ackerley worked in the radio industry as a news anchor, disk jockey and sport director.  Ackerley’s tenure in the radio industry includes: Sports Director at KTUC (1982-1984); Announcer for various Tucson radio stations including KTUC (1979-1984), KAIR/KJOY (1984-86), KTKT (1986).
While working in the sports field Ackerley was an on air stringer and writer for numerous national radio networks and wire services including: CBS, NBC, Mutual Southwest, United Press International and Associated Press.
In 1986 Ackerley was made the production manager for Ackerley Advertising. He soon became an award-winning advertising copywriter and has helped numerous businesses in southern Arizona grow their profits with effective advertising and public relation campaigns. For eight years Ackerley worked as a promotion coordinator at El Con Mall, which was the major account for the advertising agency at the time.

Ackerley has written and published one book entitled “Creating Copy”, a handbook for writing advertising copy for companies with average to small budgets. Ackerley is also putting the finishing touches on a second book entitled “The Happy Habit”, a delightful yet useful self help book written from the perspective of a man who has spent over 40 years trying to convince the public that buying certain products or services will make them happy. Ackerley is currently writing his version of the great American novel entitled “One Perfect Day.”

Ackerley has written and produced two short films, “Shoot Yeah” starring Paul Baker, which was featured in the 2008 Back Alley Film Festival and “Comedy Is Not A Joke” starring Eric Schumacher as an actor challenge to do stand up comedy for the first time. Ackerley is the executive producer and writer of a full-length film entitled “La Diabla Y Javier.”

In 2010 Ackerley joined forces with Eric Schumacher to form Snap Bang Media, LLC, a client based media and marketing consulting company. www.snapbangmedia.com

While video taping the behind the scenes footage for Zhon, Ackerley was often accompanied by his daughter Hunter Ackerley who served as assistant videographer. 




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