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zhonzhonzhonMember of the Pulp Gamer Network

The Lowpriest: Cowboy

The Lowpriest enjoys working in all aspects of film. Film, web series, documentaries, art films...it just doesn't matter. Those that work with him regard the Lowpriest as an actor's director. Sharing the wonder of filmmaking is a key element to how The Lowpriest goes about his craft.

The Lowpriest has acted, directed, run sound and cameras, been an assistant director and even enjoys working as a production worker. Pretty much there is just no bad way to be involved in a film, at least according to him.

Currently, The Lowpriest is directing the web series My Story, is in pre-production on the film; For 1 Fallen and is in post-production on another film; Taped. Additionally, The Lowpriest is preparing to direct the teaser trailer for The Deadliest Gun and is in pre-production as the First Assistant Director on No Rest for the Wicked. 






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