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Cuffs Bratten: "The First Beatboxer"

Cuffs is an actor, writer and musician (he's one half of independent hip-hop group The Country Boys).  In Zhon The Alien Interviews Cuffs plays Zhon's best friend in episode 4 and a rapper in the late 70's in episode 5.  Cuffs got his start in entertainment when "Runaway Bride" was filmed in his home town of Snow Hill, MD.  He auditioned and landed a role as an extra in the film. Once on set he had the good fortune of speaking with Richard Gere who told him "You've definitely got talent but you have to work hard to develop it". 
With that nugget of information Cuffs began working on his acting on his own using library books.  He then unexpectedly landed a role in a high school production of "Sleepy Hollow" as Brom Bones.  He received great reviews for his portrayal of the famous character.

Since then he's went on to start a multi media company (Afterlife Media Group) act in various feature films (When The Smoke Clears, Animus) short films (Fade In, Pretending) produce albums (My Life, My Words as a solo artist, 21863 as The Country Boys). 
He is currently in  pre-production on a sketch comedy tv pilot who's working title is The Country Boys Show.  The show comes off as a hybrid of The Chappelle Show & Tim and Eric and is laugh out loud funny.

When asked what he makes of all this Cuffs responds "I work very hard, I can only control how hard I try.  I believe you can't help but be successful if you work harder than everyone else and I try to out work everyone everyday."  Ambitious words from a clearly motivated individual. 

Website: www.afterlifemediagroup.com
Twitter: @TheCountryBoys
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecountryboys
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3065604/




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