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zhonzhonzhonMember of the Pulp Gamer Network

David Pathammavong: Chinese Village Mob Leader

I'm a native of Arizona, born and raised in Tucson. I myself never studied acting, filming, or even taken drama class. Actually I never would of expected to be doing filming stuff or let alone doing acting, but I know just about in everyone's mind all at one point in their lives, dreamed about being in a movie or part of it. I can say I was fortunate enough to meet the great numbers of talented people of this indie film community who made it possible for me to be here where I am today. The first movie I was in was as an extra actor in a full feature movie completely filmed in and around Arizona called "The Last Man" created by James Arnett, an adaptation on Mary Shelly's novel of the same name. On that film is where I met Robert Linden, (Zhon) the star of show for Zhon: The Alien Interviews. He was stuntman and stunt coordinator on that film. Me and Robert both attended the same high school in Tucson, but never actually got to know one another until the filming of "The Last Man" and later became great friends since then. I later work with Alan Williams and was his military technical advisor on his short film called "The Human Condition" and then I also worked with Eric Schumacher to be in the epic webseries that we are talking about now and that's where my role in the film community has taken off quite a bit. Since then, I was also in a Tower Theatre commercial as an extra in the audience, commercial was filmed by Peter Leon. Later I was offered to be in Peter Leon's short comical zombie film called "Copper Creek" as security guard #2. I was also in Alfonso Sahagun Casaus's  "El Alambrista" series as a production assistant and body double for certain actors in his film. Currently I'm working with Heather DiPietro with her soap opera webseries "My Story" as prop master for certain scenes and production assistant. 

There are so many people I've met and some became great friends and they all have been a great influence to me both on and off film work and they have really touched and enriched my life. Because of everyone I've worked with was awesome and fun to be around they have left an impression of a great future of local indie films to come. THANK YOU to everyone!!! But, the main person I would like to give a big thanks to is Gabrielle Andres, she worked on many local film projects and was at the time, producer for James Arnett's "The Last Man" and she was responsible for having me onboard with many film projects that I can be a part of and pretty much all the of the film I listed here was because of her......THANK YOU GABI for everything!!!  I hope the people I worked with or met and they all know who they are, feel the same way I do. I learned a great deal about filming and hopefully.... if ever.... that I may bring out a little something of my own someday....someday. 




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