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zhonzhonzhonMember of the Pulp Gamer Network
Eric Schumacher - Security Agent David Killjoy

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A classically trained actor from an entertainment family, Eric has been in Love with the art of acting for as long as he can remember.

While Eric has played a number of leading roles, Eric also loves character roles and dialects. Not surprising considering that much of his training came from his parents, character actor Paul Schumacher and character actor and voice/dialect coach Joan Schumacher. Eric Loves it when an audience forgets that Eric Schumacher is playing a role and sees only the character.

While Eric has played a wide range of characters before and since, fans may particularly remember his work as pompous newscaster Frank Mann in Fried Egg Films, LLC's, critically acclaimed web sitcom Crewing Up in 2008.


Eric has gained a reputation as a dedicated and professionally minded actor who gives his all to each project and works hard to support his fellow artists and make a positive impact on the world through film, television and stage.

More info about Eric can be found at IMDB.





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