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Eric Schumacher - Executive Producer

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Often accused of being the hardest working person in southern Arizona film, Eric Schumacher is an actor and producer with a growing international fan base and a strong dedication to the growth of the arts and the local economy. Raised in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, Eric is from an entertainment business family and has been involved in the entertainment industry for as long as he can remember.

Eric has also paid his dues in the corporate world, working in sales and marketing for successful media production and non-media related companies alike, and has managed contract drafting and assisted in negotiations between some of the largest organizations in the United States. Eric was also a part of the team that won a federal grant to open the first Tucson/Pima County Woman’s Business Center, a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization funded by the federal government to provide counseling, mentorship and resources to assist citizens of Southern Arizona in starting viable micro businesses. Now known as the Tucson/Pima County Micro Business Advancement Center, the organization has become extremely successful in its field.

Believing strongly in the value of discipline and positive leadership Eric has formally trained in the Franklin Covey Seven Habits of Highly Effective People System, the FISH system, and devoted over 11 years to the serious study and teaching of martial arts.

In late 2009, Eric formed his first production company, RobEric MEDIA, LLC with fellow actor and fight choreographer Robert Linden who plays Zhon in this series. After nearly three years in development, their partnership culminated in "Zhon: The Alien Interviews". .

In early 2011, Eric formed Snap Bang Media, LLC, (www.snapbangmedia.com)with locally well-known advertising expert and filmmaker William Ackerley of Ackerley Advertising. Snap Bang Media, LLC, specializes in client based media, such as high quality radio commercials, artist marketing consultation and other unique, and innovative products designed to directly promote the businesses and dreams of others while causing increased revenue flow for all involved.

Eric has created an extensive network of filmmakers and motion picture resources in Southern Arizona and across the world. In late 2010 Eric was elected as President of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona for 2011, and led the organization to a new period of growth, increasing membership by over 300% and more then doubling revenue for the organization while increasing press coverage to heights never before seen.

In late 2011 Eric formed Picture Arizona, LLC with series co-Director Alan Williams and design and build entrepreneur Randel Jacob. Picture Arizona's unique and innovative business model is designed to create jobs in the film industry in Arizona, and create new business for existing entertainment and non entertainment businesses. Look for future series starring some familiar faces through Picture Arizona, LLC. (www.picarizona.com)


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