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Gabriele Andres-Associate Producer, Locations Manager, Special Casting and Special Resources

Ms. Gabriele Andres is well known throughout southern Arizona as a film producer and successful organizer of events within the film community. Ms. Andres comes from a bilingual (English and Spanish) public relations background, with an emphasis on networking, specializing in everything related to the practicalities of filming in Tucson and southern Arizona. Ms. Andres has a well earned reputation for pulling off some of the more ambitious projects brought forth by the talents of the local filmmakers which was why she was approached by RobEric Media, LLC to assist with locations acquisition and locations management, special casting and special resources as an associate producer. Many of the more difficult to arrange sequences in the series simply would not have happened without the incredible skills and the network brought to the table by Ms. Andres. She makes the difficult seem easy.

Many of Tucson’s filmmakers have looked to Ms. Andres as the go-to producer for support of their individual projects, by offering her talent for organizing auditions and rehearsals, and production information for a variety of projects which include documentaries, music videos, promotional photo shoots, short films and full length feature movies, as well as organizing premiere events for the finished film productions.

Ms. Andres also played a couple of roles as an extra in the Zhon: The Alien Interviews. See if you can spot her.

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