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zhonzhonzhonMember of the Pulp Gamer Network

Ginger Ferguson - Costume Designer, Craft Services

Ginger was born to the fog shrouded hills of northern Califorina overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Raised in a community surrounded by loving parents and neighbors, she was allowed to run wild
with her imagination and the imaginations of her peers. Ginger is an avid some may say a rabid reader, a junior naturalist, a dabbler in science, art, crafts, history, a storyteller and keeper of two
dogs, two cats and one husband. Ginger is also an enthuastic professional pastry chef and caterer, and the current props master for the "Bob and Angus Show" a web show produced by Pulp
Gamer Media, (www.pulpgamer.com) a distribution partner for "Zhon: The Alien Interviews".

Ginger has played a number of behind the scenes roles in the theater world and is an avid, dedicated fan of science fiction/fantasy in all of its forms.

Ginger ran craft services and catering for "Zhon: The Alien Interviews" and in fact personally
made and delivered most of the meals for the cast and crew for the year that the series was in production, balancing the complicated dietary needs of a diverse cast and crew. She also handled ongoing costuming and some special props acquisitions in support of the props team.

She is grateful to God for her gifts and graces.






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