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zhonzhonzhonMember of the Pulp Gamer Network

Cast: Jeff Scotland: Section Chief Killjoy

Originally from Massachusetts, Jeff received his theatrical training at the University of Massachusetts where he appeared in over a dozen main stage productions.  Following a lengthy career in corporate communications, Jeff began making appearances in theatrical productions and stand-up comedy performances in the Boston area. 

Since arriving in Tucson in the late 90’s, Jeff has appeared on the Live Theatre Workshop, Invisible Theatre, Winding Road Theatre Ensemble and Beowulf Alley stages in addition to stand-up and classic comedy performances.   He has numerous television commercials to his credit, as well as featured performances in several independent films.

He was recently seen in the Fried Eggs Productions web series, “Crewing Up” and as Jack Higgins in Fried Egg’s, soon to be released,  “Finley Wade”.  Jeff is always anxious to add that as a life-long performer, he has personally entertained over a million (and still counting) people!



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