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Rosie Zwaduk:Location Management & Security(hallways set)


Rosie has been in love with all aspects of theatre/filmmaking since she produced her first play at 8 years old; A rip-roaring comedy starring her and her little sister, which won rave reviews from her parents in the front room.  Taking 27 years off (aside from 4 years of Forensics in High School), she rediscovered her love of movies when she worked as a still photographer on an Indie movie set in L.A.  Soon after, she was invited to help out with a locally produced mystery-film, followed by a horror film by the same Director.  She was totally hooked.  After owning her own commercial photography business for several years, she decided to go back to school to earn her Masters in Business Administration degree, which she did in 2007.  Moving to Tucson offered Rosie the ability to fully pursue her love of filmmaking.  She used her knowledge, passion, experiences and boundless energy towards producing and/or managing several film and television projects; including 9 Feature Films, 3 Television Pilots, and a variety of National commercials for companies such as Hyundai, Brute-Adidas, Doritos, M.M.A., and Clinique. 




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