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zhonzhonzhonMember of the Pulp Gamer Network
Tina Huerta- Associate Producer

Award winning filmmaker Tina, a.k.a. Sureal, is primarily a Working and Creative Producer, Production Manager/Assistant Director, Writer, and Non-linear Offline-Editor. Some of the award winning film projects Tina had the privilege of contributing to are: SO CLOSE TO PERFECT (2011), RITA OF THE SKY (2009), SILENT RED (2007), NOT 2B TOYED WITH (2006), DUDEVISION (2005), DOWNED POWER LINE, TEP (2005) and TUESDAY (2004). Tina’s latest projects include a web-show, COWTOWN GYPSY CINEMA, currently in post, a poetry book collection, HOLD STILL PLEASE, and she is awaiting the release of her first music video featuring Barry James.

Beginning in 1989, Tina has won numerous awards and honors in both poetry and playwriting. Her first collection of poetry is awaiting publication at IGLOO press, which includes photography by Cinematographer, Will Turner. Early on she discovered that her poetry submission to publication was receiving a 75% success rate, and decided not to submit due to “little remuneration.”

In 1997 Tina was a detainee to the regular day job. In order to maintain her sanity, she negotiated bits of time off of during the workweek to intern for a Sound Producer at a top-forty station. By 1998 she joined a comedy troupe colleague as co-host for a weekly early morning slot of a local radio station. They kept up the gig for a year.



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