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Tyrel Good - Co-Director/Agent Meyers

Tyrel Good was born and raised in Arizona. Named after Jeff Osterhage’s portrayal of Tyrel Sackett in the film adaptation of The Sacketts (1979), Tyrel has had film in his blood since birth. Through his formative years, Tyrel took a great liking to the arts and specifically to film and animation. He spent a lot of his grade school years making short movies in his back yard with his grandmother’s Hi-8 camera and a vcr for editing. Tyrel continued his pursuit of film by working at a local movie theater through high school and college and attending film school at the University of Arizona. For his senior thesis, Tyrel co-directed the feature length zombie film, Dorm Of The Dead (2012). Since then he has worked on numerous Hollywood and small budget films and has worked for several companies including ESPN, Fox Sports, Focus Features, CBS, and Sky Sports. Tyrel lives and works in Scottsdale, AZ.

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