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zhonzhonzhonMember of the Pulp Gamer Network
Who is ZHON?

Zhon delves deeper into his past, exploring his quick exit from China, inventing beatbox, and his meeting of a beautiful stranger in Ancient Rome. Learn more in Zhon: The Alien Interviews Episode 5, "When I Was An Alien...".

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Featured Actor   Featured Musician   Featured Filmaker

Nate Campbell

Nate Campbell has been working in film here in Tucson for 5 years.




Zhon: The Alien Interviews Web SeriesHannah Bethel

Hannah Bethel is an up and coming singer, songwriter in Nashville, TN.



Marco Cabriolu

Marco Cabriolu was born in Iglesias (Sardinia) Italy and from a very early age.




Guest Actor   Guest Actor   Guest Actor

Cuffs Bratten

Cuffs is an actor, writer and musician (he's one half of independent hip-hop group The Country Boys)



David Patham

I'm a native of Arizona, born and raised in Tucson.





Zhon: The Alien Interviews Web SeriesKaleb Badger
has been professionally involved in graphic design since before graduating from the University of Arizona in 2010.


Guest Actor   Guest Actor   Guest Actor

Sandy Smith Distel

I am what you call a Southern Illinois girl, considering I was born there.



Daniel Webster

Daniel Frank Webster, a Midwestern native, first performed publicly in a Christmas Pageant.



The Lowpriest

The Lowpriest enjoys working in all aspects of film.




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