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Arête Productions

Arête Productions is a new TV and film production company based in the UK run by Max Pemberton and Tina Dadds.

Their aim is to create and produce popular and innovative quality presentations including film, TV and radio.

They work with not only the UK’s best talent, but also that from overseas, enabling us to find the best writers, performers, animation companies, musicians, composers, directors and film makers.

Their productions will be aimed at not only the UK's main terrestrial and non-terrestrial broadcasters but also for major international markets.

Max Pemberton
Max is Associate Editor and European Correspondent for Films in Review in New York, formerly the magazine of the National Board of Review. He’s also been a regular contributory writer for BBC Radio including Hudd Lines and Weekending and has also been a contributor to the UK’s Viz magazine.

As well as having a lifelong interest in film and television production, trivia and memorabilia he’s also served as UKTV Schedules/Reviews Guide for the About.com network, European Travel Destination Researcher and Writer for TripleHop, New York and is a regular radio broadcaster and voice artist. max_areteproductions@yahoo.com

Tina Dadds
An aspiring writer since the age of thirteen, Tina has been a key partner in the development of Arête Productions. Creative writing and production have always been her passions and which have followed her through her childhood and will remain in her blood – progressing, strengthening and building a bridge to many new and exciting topics awaiting development. She will shortly be publishing her first novel. Tina is married with three teenagers. tina_areteproductions@hotmail.co.uk



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