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Angelo Bell

I was borne a writer and a dreamer. These traits help me create vast and beautiful worlds with words joined together with a harmony that stimulates imagination. As a writer, director and producer my goal is to create an award-winning, critically acclaimed film production entity with an ever-expanding library of diverse films with international tastes.

I am an active advocate and supporter of DIY independent filmmaking however I think it’s important to understand that the odds of success are no different than a filmmaker aspiring towards a traditional studio-driven career.  There is some good information about DIY vs. traditional but if someone solely preaches one method over the other you must determine what his/her true agenda is. It’s important for the filmmaker to choose his or her own path, and then follow it vigorously and confidently.

My short films and features have screened at festivals in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Italy, the UK, Canada, South Carolina, Simply ME TV, Zillion TV, AMGTV and IFC-TV.  I enjoy watching popcorn movies, big budget action flicks, thrillers, television and occasionally some horror on Netflix.




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