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Arete Productions

Arête Productions is a new TV and film production company based in the UK run by Max Pemberton and Tina Dadds

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aAngelo Bell

I was borne a writer and a dreamer. These traits help me create vast and beautiful worlds with words joined together with a harmony that stimulates imagination.

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Frederick Marx

Frederick Marx  is an internationally acclaimed, Oscar and Emmy nominated producer/director with 35 years in the film business.   He was named a Chicago Tribune Artist of the Year for 1994, a 1995 Guggenheim Fellow, and a recipient of a Robert F. Kennedy Special Achievement Award. 

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Taylor Genovese

Taylor Genovese is a filmmaker living in Tucson, AZ. In the past, Taylor was an accomplished stage actor and worked with a variety of successful theatre companies in southern Arizona. He has just completed shooting his production companies crowd-sourced, inaugural short film: SUNNY DISPOSITION

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Marco Cabriolu

Marco Cabriolu was born in Iglesias (Sardinia) Italy and from a very early age, he demonstrated an interest in music and cinema. When he was only 4 years old, his mother took him to the movie theater to watch "The Goonies" and from that moment his passion for movies was ignited so much so that he returned to the movie 5 more times during the same week for the same title.

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Stephanie Rojas

Stephanie Yudith Rojas was born on September 16, 1984 in Los Angeles, CA, where she has made her home.  The daughter to Maria and Erick Rojas and big sister to Geovanny Barragan, she began her love for acting in the high school, in her drama class.  With her teacher’s influence, Stephanie made her debut performance in a student film called John Mort about a husband who has a split personality and end ups murdering his wife, the role portrayed by Stephanie. 

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Drea CastroZhon: The Alien Interviews

Drea came from a family of singers and learned the art of performance through song.  After growing up singing on stage, she was introduced to acting through high school musical theater.  She fell in love instantly and caught the "acting bug."  She began formal acting training at Ramapo College of NJ and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater. 

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Mark Traviswhoiszhon.com

Acclaimed as "the director’s director", Mark W. Travis is regarded by many Hollywood and International professionals as one of the world’s leading authorities in the art and craft of film directing.  Drawing from his impressive background in design, writing, acting, and his wide range of experience directing theater, film and television, Mark is able to bring new insights and exceptional clarity to the complex task of directing.

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Bob Byarswhoiszhon.com

Bob Byars has been in the visual and performing arts for over 50 years. He began classical voice training at age 11, and his high school summers were spent at Interlochen National Music Camp and in professional summer stock musicals in the Midwest and on the East Coast, working with such choreographers as Helen Tamiris and Wakefield Poole.

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Gerry Gilbertwhoiszhon.com

Gerry Gilbert was born in the Detroit, Michigan area and, after a busy life going to college, working for the government, and being in the military, decided to get into film. He has acted in several student films for Pima Community College and the University of Arizona and has appeared...


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Darious Brittwhoiszhon.com

Darious Britt was born and raised in Jacksonville NC, After serving four years as a Jet mechanic in the United States Air Force, he decided to pursue his passion for filmmaking with a strong interest in directing. He acquired his Bachelors of fine arts degree in film and television production at the University of Arizona...


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Margarita Pottswhoiszhon.com

Margarita Potts (GoDiva) is an accomplished  Emmy award winning, Addy award nominated Makeup Artist and Hairstylist experienced in all aspects of hair and makeup for media  fashion video and print.


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Thomas Pricewhoiszhon.com

Thomas "TPJ" Price is a Chicago born Writer/Director who has directed and shot over thirty music videos, numerous short films, and promotional material for NBC, Nike and Jeep. Thomas graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago in 2011...


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