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Marco Cabriolu

Marco Cabriolu was born in Iglesias (Sardinia) Italy and from a very early age, he demonstrated an interest in music and cinema. When he was only 4 years old, his mother took him to the movie theater to watch "The Goonies" and from that moment his passion for movies was ignited so much so that he returned to the movie 5 more times during the same week for the same title. Because of his early passions for film, his mother took notice and enrolled him in acting, writing and music lessons. From a very early age, he started performing in one of the city theaters, and other venues receiving high praises for his talent. However; acting was not enough. At age 11 he began his formal music training. At the age of 20 years, he decided to leave and pursue his studies in New York City, attending for a short period, the "Collective School of Music" for private lessons and he specialized in the study of "Double Bass Drumming" and genres like rock, funky and progressive metal. He participated in the recording of 3 single-CD with authors and bands of regional and national level as a musician and composer. Although hoping initially to someday to become a professional drummer things changed during his stay in New York when he attended an internship at a film production company as a production assistant. From this moment on, he began his career in cinema and advertising and he founded "Mediterranea Casting Management, a company for film and advertising services. He worked for eight years at MCM, developing his knowledge and experience on the movie set with the various professions in the cinema. He organized and contributed to more than 50 commercials, national and international, for some of the best known brands. He has worked internationally with productions for films, shorts and commercials as Location Manager, Associate Producer, Casting Director, First AD, Assistant To Special Effects (EFX), Production Manager, Director, Writer and Executive Producer. Today Marco works in collaboration with Filmstar International and since March 2012 he is the General Manager at Filmstar Entertainment (Europe) www.filmstargroup.com .
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