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Autumn Cannibals

Based in Charlottesville, VA, Autumn Cannibals is an eclectic blend of alt-80’s rock, goth, electro-pop, dirty acoustic blues and whatever else strikes the fancy of songwriter Jeff Diehm.  The music is honest, loaded with hooks, and lyrically relevant.  The live rock-based show features an all-star cast of talented local musicians.  Autumn Cannibals have performed in Los Angeles (CA), Long Beach (CA), Whitby (UK), Santa Ana (CA), Atlanta (GA) and Charlottesville (VA).

In 2010, Autumn Cannibals was formed by singer/songwriter Jeff Diehm (The Last Dance) and released an 11-song album entitled ‘Solo’.  Self-written, performed, recorded, produced and self-released, ‘Solo’ is the kind of album that catches the listener’s ear by experimenting with a variety of styles and tones, with themes that reach from the deeply personal and introspective to metaphoric stories of murder and heroism.

As the album was nearing completion, while still living in Southern California, a live band was formed featuring local musicians.  Several shows followed, from acoustic coffee shop performances to the infamous Bar Sinister in Hollywood, to a featured spot at the UK’s Whitby Gothic Weekend.  After an acoustic performance at DragonCon in Atlanta, Autumn Cannibals re-formed in Charlottesville, Virginia, where they continue to make music.  A second album is in the works, which will feature additional performers and producers.

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