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From rapping in the high school lunchroom,to winning hip-hop battles,to writing hit songs, to becoming an exec on a hot label, this young Brooklyn MC has come a long way. Born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Celsius started rapping at a young age in order to escape other prevalent and negative neighborhood temptations. In high school, where he was known for battle rapping, he met music producer ZukHits. The two immediately started creating music together and would form an inseparable bond, eventually verging into a business partnership. First though,  Celsius' bond and determination would lead him to secure a single on the 2001 album entitled Kings Kounty, featuring Jay Z, Dibiase, Jaz-O, Mop,and more(this album was just recently re released).  Later, this same ambition and self determination would lead Celsius to become the first hip-hop artist to perform on the now infamous BET show "106 and Park". In 2007 independent music company Fatboy Hits Music Group released a  project entitled Bro Kin Haylow's "The Haylow Effect" which featured Celsius,Zukhits,Moans,and Capo.This project received great reviews and generated a significant buzz both overseas and domestically.Shortly after; Celsius became VP of Fatboy Hits music Group,signing various artists and developing the young label's sound, reputation, and output at an incredible rate. Celsius's next business venture would be securing a sponsership with the japanese wine company Niigata Selections. As of now celsius is no longer VP for fatboy but is a independent solo artist and owner of his own label Celsius Music Group. This company has released the album Diary Of An Arthur as well as the current mixtape 11-11-11.


Album: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/celsius911/id417102712www.celsius911.net








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