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Hamdija Ajanovic

Hamdija Ajanovic was born in year 1973 in Derventa, small town in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia). Most of his childhood was spent in music school, where he studied music theory and
received a classical music education with guitar as the major instrument.

By his 16th birthday, he was well immersed in the local music scene, playing electric guitar and performing with various bands.

In 1994, Ajanovic moved to Germany and settled in Kassel where he lived and worked as a performing and recording musician, guitar instructor and vocal coach for the next 6 years. Upon his move to Tucson, Arizona in 2000, he enrolled at the University of Arizona and earned a degree in film with
highest honors. With extensive music knowledge, musical versatility, ability
to play multiple instruments and a university education in film, Ajanovic
stirred his career towards a realization of a long lasting dream: creating
musical scores for motion pictures.Over the course of next twelve years, he scored several award winning films and composed music for a number of video games that had both national and international success.

BA in Film and Media Arts, University of Arizona, 2006
Summa Cum Laude






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