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Kelly Lynn Gitter

You haven’t heard of Kelly Lynn Gitter? Then you haven’t heard music that will touch you to the depths of your soul …… REALLY! Kelly has a passion for life that lives and breathes through her music. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s got a four octave range and a voice so strong that some say she’s got a built in microphone.

What makes this singer/songwriter so special? Maybe it’s the life experience she brings to her music. Maybe it’s her uncanny sense of cutting to the heart of the matter. You’ll believe she’s singing about you as her lyrics unravel those hidden emotional memories you may have thought you’d lost. You’ll know just how special she is when you hear her deep melodic voice expose the windows of your soul. Whatever it is, we know it’s special.

“My father once told me, that a true friend is not only
some one who recognizes the song in your heart, but
can remind you of how it goes when you’ve forgotten it.”

As the hottest new adult contemporary pop star in California, Kelly has been opening for some of the biggest names in pop and country music. John Anderson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Radney Foster, Pirates of the Mississippi, Chris LeDoux, Rick Trevino, Shenandoah, Doug Kershaw and Holly Dunn. In addition to opening for some of her favorite artists, she has also headlined many of her own shows and charity events, which has created a substantial fan base for her music!

Not only has Kelly been making a name for herself in this part of the country, she has also been getting a tremendous response and significant airplay all over the world. Such countries as France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Norway and even New Zealand are currently playing her music and the faxes keep coming from new countries very week!


* * * * * * * * * *
When the 1997 International Star Music Awards nominated Kelly for the “International Star Achievement Award”, We had no doubt that she would win, which of course she did!
* * * * * * * * * *

Where did this musical phenomenon come from? What has shaped her destiny? Born in Mountain View California, Kelly’s first words were a song (at least that’s what the rumor is!).

Kelly’s natural ability was obvious at an early age. Not only is her emotional and vocal range like no other, her power has blown out a few sound systems in her time.

“People are always asking me how does such a big voice
come out of such a little person? I tell them that God
gave me my mom’s looks but I think he got mixed up and
gave me my daddy’s adam’s apple!”

Encouraged by her teachers she studied classical music. Her efforts resulted in her winning an unprecedented three consecutive Command Performances at the annual California Bay Area Music Festival.

By her teens she seemed destined for a career in opera. Nothing could have pleased her coaches more. However after touring the western United States with a gospel group, The Maranatha Singers, she realized that her career was going in a different direction.

“I will always treasure my classical training. Those
disciplined years are invaluable to me, but I knew that
I needed a vehicle that allowed me more freedom
And was simply more personal.”

Moving to Los Angeles in her late teens she quickly landed several leading roles in various theatrical productions. She also studied film acting and had several guest star appearances on television and film. This was an exciting period of growth and exploration for Kelly. She sang for Motown and experimented with rock, blues and pop. No matter what kind of music she singing, she always managed to make time for her true passion, writing and performing her own music!

From her days in school choir, to her nights in musical theater, to becoming one of today’s hottest new artists, Kelly has always brought passion to her music.

“If I can’t get inside a song and make it my own, then
I won’t perform it (even if I wrote it!) which is probably
Why I’m such a ballad junkie.”

Kelly’s free spirit shows not only in her performances, but also in her song writing. Seldom one to stick to traditional values, her lyrics are new, fresh and sure to stir emotions. And since she is both a writer and performer nothing is lost in the creative process.

When you hear Kelly’s lyrics you can see that she paints very specific images with her words. When asked if she writes from personal experience, she looks off and smiles.

“Well of Course I write from my personal experiences.
My search for truth has always motivated everything I do.
People ask me who I’m writing about. That’s my secret, but
It’s funny to me how many of my friends think it’s about
Them! (“I’m a good listener”).

Kelly and her band, “Untamed” play unique material. It is an eclectic mix of soulful original music that stays with you long after the show is over. Currently Kelly and Untamed are performing throughout California and their popularity is soaring!!! She is also in the midst of recording a new CD.

“Strength comes from being comfortable with yourself and
accepting your own humanity, and the humanity of others.
Hopefully one day we all learn how to love each other
Unconditionally, because……THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!!”

(After all life is just a hokey pokey)


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