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Stephanie Wolfe

Stephanie Wolfe is producer/live artist currently #1 on Reverbnation.com for the Atlanta, GA Electronica charts a position she has held for going on 3 years straight. She climbed the charts to #1 in just two weeks after making her music public. She now has over 22,000 views on her Reverbnation profile.
After being public for only 11 months her music caught the attention of multi-platinum Artist (UK charts) turned movie producer Ethan Hurt. Her official Ethan Hurt Cover song "LOVER" is going to be in an Ethan Hurt film production.
Wolfe has been featured numerous times.. twice by IMRADIO.com (Chosen from more then 12,000 International artists & more then 75,000 songs.)

She is the founder of Paw Cinematic Indie Network. A company created for music production and to help build the bridge between Independent Filmmakers & original independent Song-writers.

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